Convert Omnis DF1 data files to SQL

Sometimes it’s neccessary to integrate data from an Omnis DF1 data file in a new software architecture.

Or you have an existing Omnis application  and want to  migrate from native data access (DF1, DML) to SQL and client server architecture.

In both cases you face the challenge to bring data from an Omnis DF1 file (or Df1, DF2, DF3…)  without loss of data to a new performance and security level – SQL.

For Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher as well as MySQL 5.x and higher we offer OmniConvert a simple and Easy-To-Use conversion tool, which converts your data from the native DF1 format to a SQL database. It’s running under Windows (Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 and higher). Other databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL etc. on request)

OmniConvert use an assistant like approach, so it easily guides you through the conversion steps.

Step one: Select Omnis data file

Step 2: Connect to MySQL

Step 3: Select tables to convert

Step 4a: Start the conversion. The database will be created and for each table a temporary schema class containing it’s structure is created

Step 4b: Tables are created on the target server

Step 4c: Table data is beeing copied



Omnis DF1 to SQL Conversion service

We also offer a conversion service. Just send us a copy of your DF1 data file(s) and we convert it to the desired SQL database. Confidentiality is guaranteed. If neccessary we offer signing a Non-disclosure-agreement (NDA).


Just tell us, if you’re interested in buying OmniConvert or using our Omnis DF1 datafile conversion services by filling out this form.

We’ll send you pricing details or make a detailed offer in case you want to use the conversion services.