Omnis-Components, xComps & Externals

SEO Softworks – formerly GR Softworks – is developing Omnis-Components & Externals/xComps to enhance then capabilities of Omnis Studio.
Currently availabe:

  • OmTAPI for WindowsA TAPI extension for Omnis to use a PCB device for dialing or display phone numbers of incoming calls and optionally search them in the database
  • TigerImage (coming soon) Adds image manipulation and editing features to Omns Studio, i.e. resizing, rotating, cropping or adjustment of brightness & contrast
  • SkFuncsA free xComp containing often used Windows API functions

Custom xComps/External components

Whenever you need a certain functionality to be integrated into your Omnis Studio based application, which cannot be provided by Omnis itself, or your application needs a C++ speed boost, feel free to ask.
If neccessary, we also provide development of non-unicode externals for Omnis 7 (Omnis Classic).

SEO Softworks will give you a detailed proposal for implementing this function in a custom made xComp.